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Regarding Mess Facility

Keeping in mind extended hours of school, the Mess Facility is kept as an optional facility for those parents who wish to opt for it

  • Parents will be required to provide details of food allergy if any.

  • Children will be encouraged to eat what is being served, but in case of disapproval by the child, parents can always get it resolved in an amicable manner.

  • Mess facility includes Breakfast, Lunch and evening snacks.

  • Children will be required to bring water bottle and cut seasonal fruit every day.

  • Monthly menu will be sent through mobile app & will also be published on Website.

  • School will take utmost care to provide balanced diet prepared under hygienic condition.

  • Students will be taught table manners during meal time.

  • Parents will be required to inform absence of child well in time to avoid any wastage of food.